L’essai aux feutres manquait de profondeur. Tous les plans avaient la même intensité. Voici donc une version numériquement améliorée (avec The Gimp). Un grand merci à Maddy Burrows, Peter Brouwers et Rosalie Street pour leurs conseils.

J’en profite pour vous dire, chers blog-lecteurs, de ne pas hésiter à poster des commentaires sous les articles. J’ai besoin de tout avis extérieur pour progresser !

Regarde - plus de profondeur

Regarde – encre de Chine, feutres et travail numérique sur les valeurs (The Gimp)

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Rosalie Street · 12 septembre 2013 à 12:43

It does work better, it now looks like they are in a dark cave looking out to the bright sunset.
I personally wouldn’t have gone quite so dark though, the tiger was such a lovely blue and you have lost the pretty detail in the foreground flowers. (Did you just alter the levels using Photoshop ?).
To make a better improvement I suggest losing the black circle around the sun. The lines in the distance need to be much finer.
Well done though, it’s a lovely image.

    MargueriteLB · 13 septembre 2013 à 11:26

    Hi Rosalie. Thanks for your comment. I actually use The Gimp and not Photoshop.
    For the background, I coloured the landscape with a pale yellow, using a low opacity. For the foreground, I simply used the darkening/lightening tool. You maybe mean that I should better have used the Levels tool to preserve better the colours?
    You’re right about the leeves. I probably could try to highlight them. And I’m ok to reduce the circle around the sun.
    I keep in mind to make finer lines in the distance fo futur projects.
    Thanks a lot.

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